We tried and succeeded to maintain in our restaurant, as much as possible, the warmth and clear fresh air that you could feel and breath in the Alta Langa area long time ago, when the farmers returned after a long day’s labour, to the “Ostu” (osteria) to spend some time together and to talk about the land and the events of the day. Our dining room has big windows that offer a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills, the marvellous area, called Alta Langa. The big terrace (balcony) is a copy of the old characteristic balconies of the Langa with sober tiled floors and a natural roof of age-old “Topia” (pergola of vine branches) constantly and carefully maintained and cared for. Under this enchanting natural roof you can enjoy lunch or dinner or just a good glass of wine or a coffee, savouring the joy of relaxing like people in this area have done over the years.


Via Umberto 1°, 62 - BOSSOLASCO (CN)

Tel. +39 0173 793120 - FAX 0173 797500



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