Parco della Resistenza

Walking in the direction of Alba, near the roundabout, you enter the ‘Pian della Croce’ (plain of the cross). The name refers to the plain between the hills where the pylon was built dedicated to Jesus on the cross. At one time, a chapel was built close by, dedicated to Saint Bernard. Taking the stairs or the cycle-track from ‘Pian della Croce’, you reach the hill of the Resistance. “Here live forever the eyes that were shut from the light, so they may always be open to the light?; is the poem that welcomes the visitors to the park, written specially for this hill by the poet Ungaretti. The official opening in 1968 was done by representatives of the partisan group and the place was dedicated to freedom and to those who fought for that freedom. The park is immersed in a forest that stands for the one that, at one time, covered the Langa. The amphitheatre, ment to be a meeting place, is designed by the Turin architect Amodei, whereas the gate and central structure were designed by the sculptor Santoro.

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