The enterprise is located in Bossolasco, Alta Langa, one of the best of the ‘Langarola’ villages to stay as a tourist or to go for a Sunday afternoon walk. The agricultural enterprise has been in the region for generations. With passion and care, the traditional family-run enterprise, dedicates itself in particular to the breeding of cows and sheep of the Langhe, from which they obtain the milk for the production of renown cheeses. Massimo, the owner of the enterprise, and his family, produce typical cheeses and a ‘Denominazione Origine Protetta’ (DOP) with craftsmanship, processing exclusively the milk from their own animals, grazed and fed with feed and cereals, grown on the farm. The sheep- and cowmilk, sometimes mixed, is processed raw, which means without using high temperatures, only adding coagulant and salt. The cheese can be sold fresh, just produced, or expertly matured with traditional techniques. The altitude of the place (800 m.), the specific climate (fresh and breezy) the secured feeding and well-being of the animals, the tradition of many generations of cheesemakers, combined with technology and scrupulous hygienic care, enable to process the raw milk, giving the cheese a unique taste, never standard, always particular and surprising. The continuous innovation of the enterprise, focussed on the fulfilling of the always more restrictive sanitary standards, hasn’t interfered with the style of working that respects the tradition and the typicality of the products and that makes tastes and characteristics undeniably unique. Next to the dairy farm, where the milk is made into cheese, there is a shop where you can taste and buy: TUME DI BOSSOLASCO, MURAZZANO, BOSSOLASCO DI PURA PECORA, BRUS, RICOTTA, TOMA DI PURA PECORA STAGIONATA, CIABATTA AI GUSTI, TOMA BLU, MONTE ROBIGLIO, TESTUN PERLA DELLE LANGHE, SALAMI, etc. Our products are also for sale, every Saturday in Alba at the ‘Mercato della Terra’ on Piazza Pertinac and in several shops, restaurants and ‘agriturismi’ of the region.


Località Lazzarini 5 , BOSSOLASCO (CN)

PUNTO VENDITA: Travaglio,29

Tel. +39 0173 793197 - FAX 0173 793197


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