Dolcelanga is a small agricultural business that, already for several decades now,dedicates itself with particular attention to the art of beekeeping. Profitting from the rich variety of the nectar essences of the Alta Langa, the valuable production of single flower or multi flower honey is possible every year. The business does its utmost in the process of ‘from beehive to jar’ to safeguard the perfect quality garanteed by the bees and often threatened by the subsequent handling. Dolcelanga takes special care of the presentation of the products that needs to be excellent also regarding the distribution to commercial businesses and organisations, selected for their capacity to appreciate and increase the value of the excellent level of quality. At the small shop of Dolcelanga, located in a characteristic hamlet of the Langa easy to reach also on foot, it is possible to taste and visit the laboratory and the beehives.


Mio indirizzo 1 , BOSSOLASCO (CN)

Tel. +39 0173 793528 - Cell. 339 7531932



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